Benefits and Challenges of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

If you are like many individuals, you are accustomed to cleaning your home using an upright or canister vacuum. But if you take a close look at cleaning professionals like those employed by hotel or home cleaning services, you may notice that the professionals often choose to use a backpack vacuum cleaner instead. But why is this so? Why do those who use vacuums the most often select backpack vacuums over the regular upright types of vacuum cleaners?

There are many different reasons. To start, it is much easier and quicker to move about using a backpack vacuum. Vacuuming in tight spaces or up and down stairs and under and on top of furniture, is much easier with a backpack vacuum cleaner. Many backpack vacuum cleaner models are also suitable for outdoor cleaning applications, and you will be able to easily walk between your house and your car to do your cleaning. For those with hardwood floors, a backpack vacuum also eliminates any concerns about the vacuum scratching the floor as it is being moved around.

However, you might be concerned by the weight of a backpack vacuum cleaner. In the past, these models may have been a bit heavy for some users, but modern versions often weigh less than ten pounds and are considerably lighter than a canister or upright vacuum cleaner. They are also surprisingly powerful given their weight, and many come fitted with state of the art allergy filters and other useful cleaning accessories.

Still, backpack vacuums may not be for everybody. Backpack cleaners are not the most powerful type of vacuum available. In general, canister vacuums are more powerful. But for most household cleaning jobs (and many commercial ones) backpack vacuums are completely adequate. Another challenge is being sure the backpack vacuum cleaner you purchase fits correctly. Unfortunately, many retail outlets do not yet have a wide selection of models to select, and those they have in stock may be overpriced. You may find the best prices by shopping online, but this also makes it difficult to try on different models to see which fits best. If you do decide to purchase a backpack vacuum online, you should make sure there is a suitable return policy in case it does not fit you right.

Many will find switching to a backpack vacuum cleaner from an upright model makes their vacuuming chores much easier and quicker. It is for this reason that backpack vacuum cleaners are gaining quickly in popularity. With some careful comparison shopping, you should be able to locate a backpack vacuum model that both fits right and is affordable.

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Advantages of Backpack Vacuum Cleaners

If you have only used a standard floor vacuum cleaners to date, you may want to consider backpack vacuum cleaners instead. A backpack vacuum cleaner has many advantages over a standard floor model. Most people use regular floor canister models out of habit, but there are some important reasons you should consider making the switch to a backpack cleaner.

For one, backpack vacuum cleaners allow you to clean in tight spaces where other vacuum cleaners will not fit. This is why many professional cleaners often prefer backpack vacuums to clean schools, stairwells and elevators, hotel areas and more.

Secondly, back pack vacuums tend to be quicker to clean with than standard floor models, largely because of the increased mobility you have with a backpack model. Some argue that it is nearly twice as fast to clean with a backpack vacuum cleaner when compared to a regular canister floor vacuum cleaner. Handheld vacuums are however the fastest to clean with (see this page).

Despite these advantages, you may be concerned that a backpack vacuum cleaner is too heavy for you to use. Most models are actually quite lightweight and easy to use even by people who do not have a lot of upper body strength. In fact, backpack vacuum cleaners are often easier physically than pushing and pulling a floor vacuum cleaner.

There are many different models of backpack vacuum cleaners to choose from, and you will find many recommendations here on this website and elsewhere. You should carefully compare the different backpack vacuum cleaners on the market, and possibly test some of these out, before making your final purchase. You will also find that there are is quite a difference between the prices of different retailers, so be sure to do a thorough price comparison as well.

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Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is an especially quiet vacuum cleaner in operation. It is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and use.

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is an especially quiet vacuum cleaner in operation. It is also very lightweight, which makes it easy to carry and use. Its ergonomic design adds to its comfort when worn by the user. It has a four-stage filtration system and a large one and a half gallon dirt and debris storage capacity.

Whisper-Quiet in Operation for Peace of Mind and Ears

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is one of the quietest back pack vacuum cleaners you can find. It offers whisper-quiet operation at just 71 decibels. This means that you won’t have a whining, ear-piercing machine attached to your back while you clean the house. You will hardly notice it is there. This also means that the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 will not cause any damage to your hearing through prolonged use, and while you may wish to through personal choice, you will not need to wear ear protectors while using the vacuum cleaner.

An Attachment for Every Purpose

The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum is not short on attachments. It has one for just about every conceivable need and purpose. It has telescopic chrome steel wands to extend its reach, or shorten it, it has a floor tool and a wall brush, a crevice tool, and upholstery tool and a dusting brush, all of which can attach to its 5-foot crush-proof main hose. When you couple its wide spread of usable attachments with its portability and mobility, it means you can clean much more easily and much more efficiently than with a more traditional unit.

Covering large areas of flooring becomes easy with the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412, switching attachments as needed to suit differing surface requirements, including hardware floors. To top it off, it is quite reasonably priced as well for a professional grade backpack vacuum.

Features and Specifications

The Electrolux Sanitaire comes with most all of the features you would want in an industrial grade backpack vacuum. Here are some of the most important features and specifications for this backpack vacuum cleaner:

* It has a 60 inch cord.

* It comes with extension wand, crevice tool and a 12 inch combo floor and carpe tool.

* It also comes with a hard floor flush and a dusting brush.

* The unit measures 26.7 inches by 15.9 inches by 11.5 inches and weighs only 11.5 pounds!

* It has an Amazon shipping weight of 25 pounds.

* It has a motor noise rating of 71dB in operation, and a power rating of 1400 watts.

* The tank capacity is 1.5 gallons.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are 5 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing for the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Commercial Back Pack Vacuum. One owner noted that “Although you must carry the weight of the machine, the design is actually much better for someone (like me) with back problems because it is easier to maintain a proper body position.” Also the unit has been praised for its quietness, with one customer writing “even carried so close to the ears, this machine is quieter than any other I have used.

However, one customer complained the units was a bit bulky, writing, “The only thing I don’t love about this vacuum are the attachments which are too long so even though they are light they are a bit unruly.” However, it is important to bear in mind that the Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 is industrial strength, and its attachments are made to last and be used for a variety of industrial purposes.

Other customers also praised the machine, writing: “It’s great – fast and effective,” and, “I cannot recommend this enough.”


The Electrolux Sanitaire SC412 Backpack Vacuum is a quality unit that most users love using. It may be a bit more heavy duty than needed for most home applications, but for those looking for a multipurpose, powerful yet also quiet unit, this is a excellent choice.

Oreck XL ProTM Backpack Vacuum

This model is extremely lightweight, a fact appreciated by anyone carrying it around on their back. It features the latest in ergonomic design to add significantly to your comfort as you go about cleaning.

The Oreck PRO6A XL ProTM 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum comes from a long line of excellent vacuum cleaners, as Oreck was among the very first manufacturers in the market. This model is extremely lightweight, a fact appreciated by anyone carrying it around on their back. It features the latest in ergonomic design to add significantly to your comfort as you go about cleaning.

This Oreck backpack vacuum cleaner lets you concentrate on the job in hand, instead of spending time extricating a wayward vacuum cleaner unit from where it has managed to get stuck, which is what usually happens with more traditional models that need to be dragged everywhere. This also means that getting dust and debris from very hard to get at corners and crevices becomes a much easier task when you don’t have to think about where the vacuum unit is. It stays on your back throughout the entire process and lets you get on with the important job of getting the area clean.

Here are some of the features you can expect from the Oreck XL ProtTM backpack vacuum cleaner:

Lightweight and Unobtrusive

The Oreck PRO6A XL has been designed to be very lightweight and as unobtrusive as possible. This makes carrying it on your back so much easier to the point where it almost feels natural. Its ergonomic design adds a higher degree of comfort than usual, and it also ensures that no undue pressure is made to bear on any part of your body. In short, the Oreck PRO6A XL is very easy and very safe to use, and it’s a very good vacuum cleaner as well.

A 50-Foot Cord That Gives Added Mobility

With the Oreck PRO6A XL ProTM 6 Quart Backpack Vacuum strapped on to your back you are instantly mobile and able to think about cleaning without wondering where the vacuum unit is. That in itself is excellent, but the Oreck PRO6A XL also gives you a 50-foot cord for even greater mobility, letting you clean very large areas without having to think about switching to another, closer power outlet all the time.

Additional Features and Specifications

* The Oreck ProTM has a 50 foot cord for increased mobility.
* It features an extremely lightweight ergonomic design.
* The unit only weighs 10 pounds when strapped on your back.
* It has an Amazon shipping weight of 22 pounds.
* Interchangeable attachments can easily be stored on the waist belt.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are only two customer reviews on Amazon for the Oreck PRO6A XL at the time of writing. However, both reviewers have both scored this model a perfect 5.0 points of a possible 5.

One customer said, “It doesn’t have a horsetail brush for wood floors as to not scratch them,” but added, “Looking for one of those right now!” This may be an accessory that Oreck might wish to consider adding, but this customer is not unduly put off by not having it. This customer also said, “I love this vacuum. I am a cleaning lady and I can’t wait to use it on Monday at my first client’s house!” The other customer praised “The portability & 50 ft. power cord [which] makes daily cleaning fast & efficient.”


We are proud to recommend the Oreck PRO6A XL as one of our top selections. Although not as well known as some other models and a bit more expensive than some of the other backpack vacuum cleaners available, those who have used it have given it the highest ratings (5 out of 5 stars).

Hoover Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover C2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is different from most vacuum cleaners in that it is portable and can be worn on the back in much the same way as a backpack. Hoover has put some thought into this backpack vacuum as the unit has padded ergonomic straps that minimize any discomfort and make wearing the Hoover C2401-010 feel natural and easy.

 The Hoover C2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner is different from most vacuum cleaners in that it is portable and can be worn on the back in much the same way as a backpack. This makes cleaning the house very easy as you don’t have to keep moving the vacuum cleaner, dragging it or pushing it along; it moves with you and goes where you go automatically.

Hoover has put some real thought into designing this backpack vacuum as the unit has padded ergonomic straps that minimize any discomfort and make wearing the Hoover C2401-010 feel natural and easy. In fact, the method used for strapping this model  to the body was designed by a chiropractor. The chiropractor didn’t have to know anything about vacuum cleaners, just how to comfortably and safely carry a weight of this size strapped onto the back.

A Hypercone HEPA Air Filter Keeps Dust At Bay

The Hoover C2401-010 Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum Cleaner has a hypercone HEPA air filter, which means that there is no dust or smells while you are using the unit. This is essential as having it strapped onto your back means you are always in close proximity to the vacuum unit. With more traditional vacuum cleaners we have become used to the occasional smell and presence of a little dust, but that would be intolerable with a unit strapped on to the body. It’s nice to know that the full HEPA filter will always keep all the nasty stuff safely away from you.

Noise Filtration On The Motor Of The Hoover C2401-010

The Hoover C2401-010 has a noise filtration system that keeps the noise produced by its 8.5 amp electric motor down to an absolute minimum. This is an unusual feature to be found in a vacuum cleaner. However, when you consider that the unit is designed to be strapped onto the back, and therefore will stay very close to you, it makes sense that the noise it produces is minimized, and Hoover have taken this idea even further by providing a noise filtration system.

Important Features and Specifications

* The Hoover C2401-010 comes with various 1.25 inch diameter attachments.

* It comes with a 2 year commercial warranty.

* Very lightweight: weighs only 9.2 pounds (has an Amazon shipping weight of 15 pounds). It measures 13.2 inches by 13.2 inches by 23 inches.

* Comes with a 50 foot power cord and features a powerful 120 CFM electric motor.

* It can be worn like a backpack for ease of use and comfort in movement.

Customer Reviews and Scores

There are over 25 customer reviews on Amazon at the time of writing. On average they have scored this model 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Overall, the reviews for this backpack vacuum cleaner are glowing. One customer writes, “My wife will not stop cleaning with this thing, it is amazing. … It is like the invention of the wheel around here,” and another was even more enthusiastic saying, “THIS THING ROCKS!”

Customers praised the units lightweight portability as well as its ability to clean a variety of different surfaces, including hardware floors. For example, one reviewer wrote:

We have been using the vacuum for 3-4 months now, and we love it! Our home is 90% hardwood floors and this vacuum is perfect. It is great on stairs, has excellent suction power, and was worth ever penny. No more tugging around our little tank vac or trying to clean the wood floors with our upright. The bag is very easy to clean and the filter seems to trap every last spec of dust. I’m not sure how well this would perform on deep carpet, but we use it on some low pile floor mats and it does great. The bottom line is after owning this we don’t want any other vacuum.


Out of all the models reviewed here at Backpack Vacuum Cleaners, we believe the Hoover Commercial Shoulder Backpack Vacuum cleaner is the best choice for most users. Although suitable for both home and commercial usage, the unit is lightweight and comfortable. The unit can be quite pricey as well, however fortunately you are able to currently purchase it on sale.

Backpack Vacuum Cleaners vs Regular Cleaners

There are many advantages to choosing a backpack vacuum cleaner over the standard floor vacuum cleaner models. They allow you to easily move about your home and reach hard to access areas without problems. Backpack vacuum cleaners are especially well suited for homes with staircases and many hard to reach corners. You can even use many models outdoors, and they are great for cleaning cars and garage areas as well.

However shopping for backpack vacuum cleaners can sometimes be difficult since they are not quite as popular as canister and upright models and the selection you will find in many shops is often not very extensive. Fortunately there are trusted online outlets like that have a wide selection of backpack vacuum cleaners from which to select. Here are some of the top backpack vacuum cleaners currently being sold online.